Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Just married
Rhinestones and pink, what else could Bridezilla ask for?

Undies shopping at Marks and Sparks produced the following...


Hey, no one visits this blog anyway,I can do whatever I want,including publishing my wedding undies. The bride for the wedding day,and Just married for the hangover after when I question my own sanity of going through this.

For those that know me, you will know that Bridezilla has an unhealthy obsession with knickers and underwear in general,so this won't come as a suprise.So it will come as no suprise as well that she spent £50 on her wedding day undergarments.No,not the undies above but a pretty hot set of a pink and black corset with matching thongs. Woohoo,too much information


Cold feet

Yes, me!!! I am now really panicking re the impending wedding.Not excited,but dead scared.Help me help me!!

We are going to be Mr & Mrs. How grown up and oh so adultlike.It still seems like we're playing house.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Riteee....we've decided to go with john t's @ The Marriott...yummylicious menu with excellent service (thus far!)


So now that the venue's been sorted,next comes invites.Bridezilla and Groomzilla decided to go with the unconventional way of buying it off the shops and writing it all by ourselves..hey,no point custom making 6 invites is there?



yay wee wee! Next week we'll be sorting out flowers and other decos,which reminds me,Bridezilla needs to make her wedding jewelrey

Happy Christmas all!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Wedding webcams

Just so I have somewhere to put it....

You can click on this link on 4th January at 11.30am (7.30pm Malaysian/HK time), direct your mouse to the Brodrick Marriage Suite and voila, Bridezilla and Groomzilla!

As the day is drawing nearer,both Bridezilla and Groomzilla's shittin themselves crazy.We just got our wedding invites printed out for our mini wedding..yes,today. And being as last minute as possible, just booked the venue for our wedding lunch..and it's not malmaison below,but Marriott

We ended up with marriott because the food menu from the Mal is not very impressive,not to mention that it'll cost more per head for us,the struggling Zillas. The staff of the Mal being absolutely snotty as hell does not really help too.Plus the Marriott is allowing me to hang my chinese lanterns all over the wall,which would give it a little bit of a cheena atmosphere..

Alritey then...pictures of wedding cards tomorrow folks! Woohoo!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dreamland horrors

You know the date is nearing when you start having nightmares of the wedding day!

Poor Bridezilla has been flooded with nightmares of the bridal kind lately.Just a teeny little sample:

No Camera

This trigger happy horror of a bride's worst nightmare..left the camera at home! And like stuff all nightmares are made of,no one else had a camera on them as well.I think what happened at the end is that we cancelled the ceremony because I could not bear not having a wedding without a camera

No flowers
Part of my nightmare yesterday, this is a way of my subconcious reminding me that something needs to be done.I dreamt that I walked down the aisle holding a pot of fake flowers stolen from the registrars office.As my qipao is dark blue,I cannot think of a type/color of flower that is becomming of the dress.Something simple should suffice,as the big wedding do is not until I'm back in home.Anyone,any ideas?

This is fast becomming a real nightmare.Bridezilla has been bugged by the step sister in law to be endlessly.She is imposing her bridal ideas on poor Bridezilla and Groomzilla and of course, I am as unhappy as a flatten pea.

Just because she made endless plan for her own wedding which ended up with her being dumped does not mean that I am here to throw her a wedding of her dreams. She even screamed down my throat for Groomzilla not having a stag night.And then that little horror sutbly told him that he might want to think about a stag night. Bloody two face.

One funny thing though.In my dreams, I am always feeling warm and snug,even though all I had on was a qipao and strappy heels.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Before I forget..

4th Jan

Yes,change of dates and times.Bridezilla and groomzilla are now getting married on 4th January 2006 at 11.30am....or 7.30pm Malaysia time.

It seems like this bridezilla will be making it to the altar after all..To ensure that this is achieved, she will be chaining Groomzilla to the house the day before the wedding and forgoing the tradition of sleeping in separate beds the night before the wedding.Either that or Bridezilla will demand for the surrender of Groomzilla's housekeys and keep him locked inside the house,sleeping in the spare bedroom.

Then again,in a moment of panic Groomzilla might just ring one of his mates to come over with keys so he can run away to deal with his cold feet.

Venue horrors

I tell you..I am fated to have issues with my wedding venues.

First,issues in Malaysia.I have given up and decided that I will be doing Golden Sands in Penang even though it was not our first choice.

Now, Leeds.We have narrowed our choices down to three..Malmaison, Radission SAS and Marriott.

Thoughts on the venues

Very nice art deco lounge.About 3 minutes walk away from the registrars office,which means that I can run there in my thigh-high slit and stockingless feet.However,they want to charge us £300 for a three hour use of their small room which will fit 15 pax.Now,isn't that like the most cutthroat thing that you have ever heard? Bloody hell..

Nice fireplace

Food is also really expensive here, so we think this is ruled out.

They have a choice of two restaurants, the Georgetown or the John T. Georgetown is,not suprisingly, a Malaysian restaurant. And Bridezilla being a Penang kia is just a coincidence. HOWEVER TEMPTING, bridezilla will NOT pay £3.50 for a curry puff or £12 for a Hainanese Chicken Rice.CRAZY AH!!!!!!!???Bridezilla nearly fainted at the prices.

Groomzilla was quite impressed that there is such a nice Malaysian restaurant in Leeds..They call it 'colonial' charm..which means Groomzilla is king and I,Bridezilla is the conquered slave(ette).Just because he wears the pants does not mean I don't own pants ok

John T is a little better...a £25 3 course menu in a private bright room with a sunroof,which means pictures will come out really nicely.

The Zillas have a close connection with the Marriott chain of hotel. When they met,Groomzilla was living in Marriot permanently,therefore alot of 'things' happened there..;).Seeing that Groomzilla would be able to get a free upgrade to an executive floor room if we stayed overnight,this option is still open.

Now, Bridezilla really loved this funky bohemian-vintage hotel.Done in dark velvety purple,this hotel is epitome of modernity with a funky vintage twist.The small side room (available at an additional £25) is perfect..

Malmaison room2

malmaison room1

Nice hor!!!

They have a fixed price menu at £14..3 course inclusive of a glass of wine.Either that or you can pre-order from their menu.

Choices choices....what shall I do?!?

Friday, December 09, 2005

Baby steps..

...and there we go.

Bridezilla and Groomzilla are slotted to be officially tied to each other on the first week of January.Fancy us both getting to far...

We wanted to do Saturday,so that the hot bro in law would be able to make it as he lives 45mins away.And then Groomzilla realized that his dad would be up on an airplane to Hawaii on that saturday. GRR

So now I'm thinking of 4th,which is my mom's birthday as well.

There we go. One down, a whole lot of planning to go. Watch this space,will be updating quite regularly,at least a couple of times a week.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Setting a date

Bridezilla and Groomzilla has a date with the Superintendant of Registars on Dec 9th! No, not to get married,silly...we're giving out notice and booking a date on that day.

Yay I hear?